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About Us

Studio55 is the biggest producer of inflatable advertising figures in Europe. Our grand abilities supported by unparalleled experience in the branch, are perfectly noticeable in all incomparable products of Studio55. Standard inflatable balloon, inflatable advertising archways, ventilated promotional costumes are just few examples of our most popular promotional products. If you look closely you will be able to see our larger than life detailed imitations of products which contribute to creation of a perfect, inflatable promotional figure of highest quality.

Studio55's portfolio consists of vast array of promotional products:

ProInflatables - Promotional Inflatables are at the core of our production, within this category the following items can be listed: advertising balloons, promotional archways, inflatable pop up tents, inflatable dummy products, promotional Quick Up columns, inflatable Airboards, inflatable advertising costumes, inflatable promotional stands, Large format in 3D, Mini inflatables - airtight figures with valves, inflatables slides and playgrounds, inflatable climb walls, Sky Dancers.

ProFlag&Event Systems - are generally understood flag systems among which we can list: promotional flags, beach flags, FAB flags, inflatable flags*, other flag systems with poles, A Fram - FDS System, prints' assembly systems on illuminated poles, etc.

SmartTent & ProUmbrella - are two important brands in Studio55's portfolio. In this category you can find, among many others, tents set on aluminum frame such as PopUp tents, event tents Star, Dome Tent as well as top quality Promotional Umbrellas. Our brand new product which soon will rock the market, that is, PopUp tents with 3D roof is definitely worth getting acquainted with. This new solution offers a wider product promotion possibilities during the events owing to the 3 dimension product presentation or easily noticeable logo on the roof.

ProBanner - large format printing is a life long passion of one of Studio55's associates. The passion which constantly reveals itself in the constant strive for perfection in printing. Perfectly calibrated printers along with the highest quality technologies contribute to the fact that Studio55's prints' quality were appreciated by most demanding specialists who perceive our valuable advice as guidelines to their own technologies' improvement. Studio55 was the first printing house in Poland and one of the first companies in Europe to offer printing on promotional flags and fabrics with the width up to 3,2m. Nowadays, Studio55 is printing house equipped with few dozens of printing machines allowing the production of the highest quality prints, such as: banners and promotional flags, sublimation printed textiles, PVC foam boards, PVC hard boards, perforated PP boards, plexi boards, dibond boards, and even glass printed with UV technology, 3D and 2,5D printing, printed foils, stickers, and promotional posters. Large format mesh banners are a special product of the brand. Additionally, eye-catching 3D elements can be inserted onto them.

SmartDisplay - considering the close connection of this brand with large format printing, SmartDisplay category is of special value for our company. Within this brand you can find: promotional PopUp walls, modern EVOLUTION advertising walls with STRETCH, printed rollups, printed promotional stands, X-Banners, L-Banners and many other popular display systems.

ProFurniture - commonly referred to as "promotional furniture", which can be seen during almost every event. Within this category you can find: promotional seats, advertising deckchairs, printed puffs, branded tables, inflatable seats, custom printed promotional chairs, etc.

*registered in Polish Patent Office