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Extremely functional base for inflatable figures, which thanks to its innovative construction perfectly fits all graphics despite their varying shape and size. Owing to the usage of lightweight fabrics, the whole system can be set up in the blink of an eye (within few seconds from plugging it in the system is fully set up). “ZIP“ system contributes to the extraordinary functionality of QuickUpSystem, thanks to it graphics can be changed even faster. All advantages of QuickUpSystem make it possible to promote your brand in 3D not only inside but outside as well. Moreover, backlight (halogen or LED) allows for efective display also in the dark.

All parameters quoted (e.g. weight, size, technical solutions, construction, color) should be considered as approximate. Depending on the series/year of production slight differences may occur. If you wish to buy a custom made tent you need to ask the seller about such possibility before placing an order.